May 2015: You can see a mini interview with us at minute 20 :) Uploaded by WNCmusic Org on 2015-05-20.

July 2016: We were featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine and Distinctive North Carolina - A beautiful coffee table book.

August 2016: we were selected by Quickbooks to be in a series of short online commercials! A video crew came to the house and filmed us, it was super crazy and awesome.

October 2016: some still shots from the quickbooks videos

In october and december 2016 quickbooks released 8 short videos featuring moonlight makers

april 2018: we were featured in theverygirl.com blog post about things to do in asheville <3

Shopping Downtown.JPG

october 2018: if you look really closely you can see our logo on a shipping container and a truck in this amazon television commercial

Half of everything sold on Amazon comes from small and medium businesses, just like these.

November 2018: one of our dish towels (discontinued because of r Kelly) was featured in nest magazine

June 2019: Featured in this article about prime day

Click Here to read The About Amazon Blog and HERE to read the same story in the My San Antonio Publication.