Moonlight Makers Screen Printing Handmade Asheville

August 2015: we decided to start making tshirts and designed our first couple. we had a friend screen print them for us for 2 weeks and then he very sweetly told us how we could do it ourselves. he would burn our screens, we bought a squeegee, some ink, and some tshirts. Then through trial and error we laid shirts down on our kitchen counters, put the screen on top and squeegeed the ink through the screen. we had no idea this would become the main part of our business.

November 2015: we added dish towels to our line and they took off!

May 2017: We opened up a pop up shop in downtown Asheville and moved all the screens, ink and squeegees into the back quarter of the pop up! We were given our first screen printing press and bought our first dryer. We had been laying the shirts out over night before and putting them in the clothes dryer for 30 minutes in the morning to cure the ink. We’ve always used eco-friendly air dry/ water based inks because we have so many kids around.